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Looking for comfort-wear that’s irresistibly cute and actually gets you excited about staying home? No probllama! We’ve got you. Our premium, incredibly comfortable hooded blankets will bring a burst of fun and vibrance to the everyday moments in life :)

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Pretty Pink Hooded BlanketLight Grey Hooded BlanketNavy Blue Hooded BlanketTwin Value Pack Hooded BlanketsKid's Pretty Pink Hooded Blanket

For minimalistic hearts

Classic colours

If you love minimalistic hoodies, then we got you covered with our classic hoodie blanket range

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People loves us!


Love it ! especially with cold Sydney weather

Contessa Doll

Sydney, NSW


Sid Loves it! Sid LOVES the hoodie ahahaha he cuddles up on me for ages on it

Leyla Camilleri

Sydney, NSW


It is so warm and cosy Absolutely amazing


Sydney, NSW


Daughter is in love thank youuuuuu


Sydney, NSW


Omg i was gifted this lush pink comfy pull over dress and it is just mind blowing....ladies out there, get yours while the stock lasts...Laama clothing you are awesome to give such amazing style n comfort. Thank you

Mantra Gaya



Thank you. I’m going to live in this I think

Jessie Leigh

I can't even begin to tell you happy I am with my hoodie!!! It's brilliant quality and I'll be living in it over winter!!! Thankyou 💖🌈

HighLand Hair and Beauty Salon

Sydney, NSW


I ordered a Laama for my daughters birthday, thinking I should allow 3 weeks for delivery, but it arrived only 3 days after ordering! It looks so warm and cozy, just like the photos. Thank you!

Claire Claire

overall everything good 🙏🏼


Sydney, NSW

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