Unboxing a Vacuumed packed Laama Hooded Blanket

Unboxing a Vacuumed packed Laama Hooded Blanket

How to unpack a "Vacuumed Packed" Laama

At Laama, we introduced contact less vacuumed pack option as a delivery option for our Hooded Blankets. These makes the garments sealed and packed straight from the manufacturing hub. However we ensure the garments are quality checked 100% before packing.

Here are the steps to ensure this is unpacked the right way.

Step 1

Remove the mailing bag carefully and take out the vacuumed packed hooded blanket out of the mailing bag (mailing satchel).

Vacumed packed hooded blanket by Laama

Step 2

Make a small cut on the polythene packing in the corner and wait for 30 seconds. The bag will fill up with air and the garment will expand itself

unpack hooded blanket

Step 3

Take the hooded blanket out of the polythene bag. And now You are good to go!

hooded blanet removal

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