Sizing Chart

Laama Hooded Blanket sizing

Hooded Blankets have been a phenomenal range of clothing in this decade. Unlike jeans, t-shits or lingerie, many still struggle to guess how well this garment would fit them. So hope this size chart would help!

Adult Hooded Blanket by Laama

Our Laamas are based on oversized hoodies. You can also consider it as this is  based on a size 6XL Hoodie. We made a sizing chart (with Jordan) with the measurements. These may vary with moderate stretching.
Sizing Chart of Laamas
Here is how it looks on an average sized adult
Hooded Blanket by laama
And here is how it will look while seated and this is on an aged 10 child

Laama Hooded Blanket - Kid's range (Baby Laamas)

We made a simple size chart with measurements for you to determine if this would be ideal for your child. However the use of these sizes is at your own discretion. 
Kid's Size chart for Kids Hooded Blankets
Here is our cute models (aged 4) wearing the Laamas
And this is the same blanket worn by our adult male model